Made Pering

Made Pering Sukadana is a taxi driver who speaks excellent English and that means he is more than a  taxi driver - it means that he is a true guide! With Made at your side and your service you will experience an unlimited assistance arranging your visit and an expert as a tour guide plus a driver by a new and air-conditioned car. Made is an expert of Bali’s most beautiful roads, gorgeous lakes, mountains and waterfalls, ins and outs of Bali’s greatest markets, Native healers, artisans and so much more. Made can show you the complete beauty of Bali. Furthermore if you need a pick – up from the airport, call Made and he will come! His several friends all over the world recommend him. If you want to know more, please come and visit his place! 

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MM Villa and Spa

Jalan Ambarwati No.1

80571 Bali


+62 816-574-640

 or Whatsapp: 081 337 734 009 or 081 657 4640

Opening hours

24 hours a day


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